Patient Statement Services Online

There are a number of reasons to utilize . These benefits include ease of use, multiple delivery methods, and saving money. Learn more about some of these services. Below we will look at some of the main advantages of using a patient statement service. If you are looking to improve your patient statement delivery, then we recommend Plutus Health. This solution eliminates backlogs, improves communication, transparency, customer service, and the relationship with your patients. In addition to managing your patient statements, you can also opt for a hosted solution.


Many consumers prefer to receive their patient statements on paper. However, some people may prefer to receive a combination of paper and electronic statements. In such a situation, the vendor should provide different delivery methods so that their clients can choose the one that best fits their needs. Using variable data printing is one way to customize statements. You can also find vendors that offer multiple statement templates for you to customize. You should ensure that these statements are representative of your brand and not just another standard statement template.

A statement should include information that is easily understood by patients. In some cases, patients may confuse insurance payments with bills. The patient statement should distinguish between charges billed, payments approved by insurance, and amounts the patient owes. The information should strike a balance between providing sufficient information to answer questions and not presenting too much. To achieve this, you should use columns to arrange the information. You should also use whitespace to minimize the appearance of unnecessary information.

Easy to customize

A variety of easy-to-use patient statement services are available. The patient statement can be customized to display a single visit or multiple visits, with amounts owing, payer and patient information, and more. The user can also filter the list to display only invoices or payments, and turn individual invoices blue. Depending on the service, patients can choose to receive their statements via email, regular mail, or fax. These features also help the physician improve patient satisfaction.

A patient statement service vendor should offer custom templates and variable data printing. Though this may mean that you’re losing control of the bill design, you shouldn’t give up control completely. In fact, using patient statement services can save you time while maintaining brand identity. Choosing a vendor with customizable templates will help you avoid this risk. In addition to offering flexible options, patient statement services should also offer the option to create multiple versions of each statement.

Multiple delivery methods

If you’re struggling to send patient statements, consider adding multiple delivery methods. The Patient Statement Delivery Report will give you accurate measurement and tracking of patient statement delivery methods. In addition to tracking patient statements, this report can help you identify those patients that may need to be verified. You can track both automated and manual statements and make improvements to your patient statement delivery methods. The following are some examples of patient statement delivery methods. Listed below are the three most common methods of delivery.

The PatientConnect Welcome Page includes a Patient Statements menu. The statement search page has quick links to identify duplicate statements, failed delivery, and upload file transmittal status. There’s also a manual search tool bar for finding specific patient statements. Using an online system such as DentalXChange can streamline the patient statement experience. The system conducts an initial statement verification before assigning a status. Patients can easily locate their statements and view them on the PatientConnect website in one click.


Savings on patient statement services come in many forms, from reducing paper usage to setting a threshold for paper statements. Often, practices use paper statements to communicate with patients. In addition, by grouping patients into a single statement, they can lower postage costs. Depending on patient populations, they can group all family members on the same statement, saving paper costs. If this is a common practice, consider monthly statement generation to ensure all family members are included on the same statement.

Another way to save on patient statement services is by partnering with a third-party provider. Third-party companies offer bundled packages of billing services, so you can select the one that best meets your needs. Apex EDI is an ideal partner for patient statement services and can help you eliminate these expenses. Contact them to schedule a consultation and eStatement service today! When a third-party provider is involved in a patient’s care, you can expect to save on time and paper, while improving the patient’s experience.


When outsourcing your patient statement services, you must find a vendor that offers customization to your brand. Outsourcing does not mean you have to give up control of the process, though. A vendor should have a set of templates and a customizable design. By choosing a service that offers customization, you can still have a custom bill without sacrificing branding. Outsourcing will also save you time by taking care of the details of the bill, and you can still be in control of the final product.

One of the first steps in branding your patient statement services is to ensure that your statements are delivered in the format your patients prefer. While 65% of US consumers prefer paper bills, others still prefer electronic versions. When deciding between paper and electronic patient statements, choose a vendor that offers both options. If possible, email them electronically, and make sure they include payment links. For a personalized, brand-conscious patient statement, consider using variable data printing.